Why she dumped me. An inspirational composition from a 5th year finalist.

(story by Suka)
This may have come late
Its been ages indeed
And am hoping you are fine
Well, my heart is not in my chest
You dumped me for reasons unknown to me
You mutated and overpassed me as the man of your life
I have my right of imagination
So am here to imagine
And am here to share my imagination
Probably this is ”no tiene sentido” (does not make sense)
Today I share my envisage of why
You may have dumped me
I will surely embrace amelioration for were am wrong

You, was the only thing that I loved
So you dumped me
You, was the only person that I called in the night
Just to know how you are
And that’s why you dumped me
I carried you on my back, made you laugh every single day
In times that I was crest fallen,
when the world put me to the ground
I professed that I was gleeful
I didn’t want you to be worried about me
I wanted you buoyant

I remember the other day when you amassed an asthmatic attack
There were no drugs in the referral hospital so I
Dashed and procured the elixir
I wanted you to be out of that attack
Thank God you were better
I also thank God that, that evening, I starved all night, yes! I did I used the spondulicks to buy the drugs And that was the reason for dumping me

When the dogs barked at me, stressing me, making trenchant criticisms compelling me to get someone better
I importuned!!! I wanted you alone
And that’s why you dumped me

I loved you even before you knew
I remember the rain that was spiced with thunder
The darkest hour of the night
And all those buglers’’ jaws wide open to ingurgitate me up
I looked beyond this, I had to see that night
It fell in my ears that some local motorist had put you down and bruised you, how would I even stay home?
I have come to realize that this is why you dumped me

The 7000shs I gave you, yes! I know it wasn’t enough ,You complained, but it’s all I had. I was dumped for giving you all that I had

You, was the force that kept me hungry
I enslaved myself for you
I made sure you never go hungry
I made sure the sun doesn’t grill you up
I made sure insects never bite
Mosquitoes don’t even know the test of your blood
I made sure you never snivel
I made sure you were always guffawing
All those funny videos of myself that I recorded, They were all for you alone .

I made sure I didn’t slumber when you’ve not slept
I made sure earth was heaven for you
I would catapult myself in the fire
If at all it made you rapturous
I made sure that my eyes catch sight of you alone

I stayed up all night to ask the Almighty to keep you sheltered
I made sure you earned all that you wanted
And you made sure my life was hell
You made sure that I weep everyday
Throwing fireballs at me
Making the flow slippery for me
You made our home a mausoleum
An abattoir, you slaughtered me
Skinned me, chopped me into the smallest pieces
Crammed me into boxes
And vended me to the market,
missioned accomplished!!!
This is why you dumped me
I’ve never felt complete without you
I wouldn’t imagine my life without you
I cherished you above anything else in my life
I was always excited
We were together all the time
Took pics together
You were my best friend
You were the embodiment to my imagination
I was the realest person
And this is why you dumped me

I made you the queen you are
I took you to my mama
I crooned nice songs for you
I told the world about you
I kissed you in the crowd
I played with you in the rain
I accorded my blood to you
I prepared you nice food
I took you to movie theatres
I knew you love game of thrones
I brought you breakfast in bed
I bought you flowers

(Suka is a 5th yr finalist at Busitema university )

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  1. wow!!!! very amazing poetry, I love every single bit of it. these truly tale the tales of our every human experiences

  2. So sad story 😰💔, but hurtfully no one will ever appreciate your complete sacrifice till they loose you.. but life goes on, just don’t hold on the past it will never make your future love life happy, you played your part,you did what you felt at heart, your broken heart will find a true home… I pray one day you get some one who will always appreciate you every single day… #suka

    1. Ohh…suka yo so sick get well soon ..u must b hallucinating come for heavy dose of antidepressants..halloperidol…haha

  3. omg this is a fascinating story, touching, emotional! I can’t. believe that the babe in the story didn’t realize how much the guy loved her.
    Thanks to the writer, Suka will no longer be traumatised.

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