Born again fraternity in amusement as senior pastor severely battles down her own daughter.

The born again faith fraternity of Kawempe and Kampala as well was amused as Glorious Gospel Outreach Ministry senior pastor a Lusajja based born again church declared a severe  no retreat no surrender battle against her praise and worship team leaders.

The senior pastor who doubles as the minister of worship and praise at the Kawempe born again fellowship fraternity publicly announced a battle against her church spiritual children just before we saw the hot weather of February.

Pr Janet Kisembo Mbabazi with her unique photo pauses.

Pr. Janet Kisembo Mbabazi is a professional Gospel artists who has been in active professional ministry for five consecutive years. In the five years, she managed to get a considerable audience that paved her way to sit on the Kawempe born again fellowship fraternity as praise and worship minister. As written in proverbs 18:16 (The gift opens the way and ushers the giver in the presence of the great) so is her vocal gift that ushered her in presence of the great ministers of God endowed with spender filled with rare precious treasures who are after God’s own heart to lead his flock with knowledge and truth.

The mother of 5(five) as well as the Guno Omwaaka hit maker says the battle against her daughters is a musical battle not physical body on body struggle.

Unlike the world musical battles like the 2012 May Bobi (Kyadondo wine and Bebecool (Ba wazuena)) which had different intentions, Pr Janet Kisembo and daughter’s battle is inspired by God’s love. When our team approached the other participants in the battle ie Joy and Peace Mwiza who do a duo ministry, our reporter was wondering whether these ministers under Pr Janet Kisembo who doubles as their biological mother where not scared of openly competing her down. We were astonished when the duo with their widest smile that even the genius book of world records had never taken record of affirmed how they were 100% ready to battle down their lovely mum who doubles as their spiritual mother as well as the senior pastor to their ministry.

“We are 100% ready to battle down our lovely mum and the senior pastor to our ministry in good faith. She is our mum and if she says let there be a battle, who are we to to object? for it is accounted on us in Ephesian 6:1-3 to obey our parents so that it may go well with us that we may enjoy long life on this earth. “

Joy Mwiza the senior praise and worship team leader in action.

I don’t think, you would to die early“. Joy added.
It should be noted that as per as this writing, Joy and Peace Mwiza who minister in Joy and peace music have spent 8 years in professional music with over three mega concerts with their recent Endagaano concert in 2018.

The nkugerageranye naki soul healing worship hit maker urges their fun, friends and families to come and show support to them.

“It is time for us to dwell in Christ with worship and praise and thanks giving”. Peace Mwiza lamented.
Our team had a chance to listen to the duo’s acapella that prompted us ask the concert entrance fare. To our surprise,  the No entry fee reply astonished us.  Such heavenly bring down voices to be enjoyed freely!, Indeed when God says in Isaiah 55:1 “….those with no money,  Come buy and eat…. ” and the same lord says “… word shall not return to me empty…. “, then it has come to our souls to get the best of what the world has to offer to us with out money,  without cost.

The following are the songs you are to expect from Pr Janet Kisembo as she battles down her little princesses Joy and Peace Mwiza.

Njakuwereza,  Guno Omwaaka,  Keep on Waiting,  Aba yesu,  Urahunda,  Dduka Dduka,  Mujje Tumusinze,  Praise Glory,  Akikozze,  Tetuli ba’nsi,  Tindatine,  Azalindwa,  Lord i depend on you,  Anjagala,  Nkugerageranyr naki and Endagaano.

“For we have ministered to men of God and He lord God of Jacob as permanently delivered them with alot of miracles happening,  so is his promise to come to pass in this concert “

Both parties in the battle call on their precious supporters to come and show love and support for them on that day as God is jointly worshiped and praised.

surely goodness and love shall follow you for the rest of your days and you shall dwell in the presence of the lord for ever more.

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